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How to Set up and Configure the Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool in D2L

Date Published: Jan 25,2017

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This is a User Guide on how to set up and configure the Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool in D2L.


 1. Click on the  Gear Icon Settings on the top right corner beside the username account menu
User-added image
 2. Select ‘External Learning Tools’ on the list    
  3. Click on ‘New link’
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  4. Enter a description (Optional) and please ensure that 'Allow users to view this link' is checked. 
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  5.  On the Properties window, fill up the Title and URL of the LTI tool
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                     Note:  The url would depend on what server location and region the account is set up
                                  US- SAS ‘’    CA-SAS ‘'
                                  AU-SAS ‘’   EU-SAS ‘'
  6. Fill the up the correct Key and Secret information and select 'Link key /secret'
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Note: To proceed you will need to know which Server Location to use, your Consumer Key and Secret. If you do not have this information, please contact your sales representative or open a case through Behind the Blackboard

  7. It is important to check all the Security Settings as seen below
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      *Note: The above security settings set up should be good enough to successfully launch the LTI tool.
                  However, you may want to check them all in cases you are getting an error on launch.

  8.  Add the Course Org Unit for your course by clicking  ‘Add Org Units’
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   9. Check the Course Org Units name
User-added image
  10. Hit User-added image 
  11. You will notice that it will appear under ‘Add Org Units’ section with a red X’’ mark     
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   12.  Hit User-added image
   13. Open the Course Org unit 
   14. Go to the Content ->Table Contents-> Select the content area and section where you want to add              the tool
   15. Click the Add Existing Activities and then select External Learning tools on the pull down menu
User-added image    
     16. Select the External Learning tool name that you set up previously
User-added image

     17.  A confirmation pop menu would appear
User-added image
     18. The LTI tool name should appear on the list
User-added image
             Note: You could remove the tool by clicking the chevron beside the tool name and select Remove Topic

      19. Open the LTI tool to verify that it works
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