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Important Update: Changes to Java Support in Collaborate Original

Date Published: Aug 06,2019

CategoryProduct:Web Conferencing,Java and Blackboard Collaborate Launcher; Version:Web Conferencing
Article No.: 000071424

Support Bulletin

Collaborate -Web Conferencing

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Oracle has changed their approach to supporting older Java releases. Details of Oracle’s updated policies can be found here: 
With the removal of some desktop technologies within Java after version 8, these changes significantly impact users of the Original Experience of Blackboard Collaborate.  
After December 2020, users without a commercial license agreement with Oracle should remove Java 8 from their desktop in order to protect themselves from security vulnerabilities. Doing so will reduce the functionality in Collaborate Original available for those users. This includes: 
  • Access to administration functionality in SAS 
  • Utilization of the Plan and Publish applications 
Launching Original sessions and viewing recordings will continue to be covered with security updates via the Collaborate Launcher on Windows and Mac operating systems. 
Users of Collaborate Ultra are not impacted by the changes to Oracle’s support of Java. 
For more information, please visit the Blackboard Community blog post at:

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