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Archive Process Change for Learn in 2020

Date Published: Dec 12,2019

CategoryProduct:Application Components; Version:Learn
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Blackboard Learn

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Blackboard Client Support is excited to announce a change in policy for providing batch archives and exports. This update will make use of Cloud storage options and remove the need for physical hard drives and shipping fees.

As of January 2020, batch archives and exports will be provided through only the following methods:

    • A temporary S3 account on Blackboard Amazon Web Services will be created free of charge and clients can download the batch archives and exports from this location. The S3 account is made available to the client for thirty days once the data upload is finished to complete the data download from Bb AWS.  
    • If your institution has a 3rd party storage solution or an existing SFTP server, Client Support will partner with you to confirm it is as a possible option.

Please note that the option for using a physical hard drive to provide batch archives and exports to clients will no longer be a supported method as of January 2020.

Customers may open a new support case via Behind the Blackboard for further questions and inquiries.

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