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New Amazon Alexa Skill coming soon for Blackboard Learn users

Date Published: Nov 13,2019

CategoryProduct:Learn Administration; Version:Learn 9.1 Q4 2018 (3500.0.0),Learn 9.1 Q2 2019 (3700.0.0),SaaS
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Blackboard Learn

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new Alexa Skill for Blackboard Learn later this month. This integration will be the first Alexa Skill officially released by Blackboard. 
What is the Blackboard Alexa Skill? 
The Blackboard Alexa Skill allows Blackboard Learn users to request and receive information about their assignments and courses stored in the Blackboard Learn application via an Alexa device such as an Amazon Echo. After identifying their institution and linking their Blackboard account to their Alexa account, students can use any US-enabled Alexa supported device to find out about what is going on in their classes. 
What is supported in this first release? 
Just ask Alexa to learn about your upcoming assignments. For example, you can say:  
- Alexa, what do I have due tomorrow?  
- Alexa, what do I have due on <day of the week>? 
- Alexa, what do I have coming up in <course name>?  
What are the Blackboard requirements? 
- Blackboard Learn version 3400.9.0 or newer 
- Blackboard Mobile App must be enabled 
- US institutions only 
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Blackboard Alexa Skill REST API integration will be made available on all US-based Blackboard Learn production environments within the next 24 hours. Once the Blackboard Alexa Skill is officially launched (later this month) and your institution has enabled the Blackboard Mobile App, students will be able to utilize the skill by linking their Blackboard and Alexa accounts.  
To disable the Blackboard Alexa Skill REST API integration from Blackboard Learn, please refer to the opt-out instructions here. Students will not be able to utilize the Blackboard Alexa Skill once the REST API integration is made unavailable in Blackboard Learn.   
Where can I access Additional Amazon Alexa Resources?  
Please go to  
Where can I find detailed information on the Data Privacy Safeguards for the Blackboard Alexa Skill?  
- Access the Blackboard data privacy information here 
- Access the Alexa Privacy Hub at  
Where can I find more information about the Blackboard Alexa Skill? 
- Access the Blackboard Alexa Skill FAQs here 
- Access the Blackboard Alexa Skill User Guide here  
Stay tuned for the official launch announcement of the Blackboard Alexa Skill, coming later this month. If you have any questions, please contact Blackboard Partner Support at

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