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Utilize RSS Feeds for Real-Time Notifications from

Date Published: Jun 25,2018

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Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Updated 6/25/2018

Updates were made to Blackboard’s status page ( Please see Upcoming Changes to (Article# 49144) for details.
The following new RSS feeds were added in order to segment products by geographical locations for easier tracking.

Analytics - Managed Hosting (EMEA)

Analytics - Managed Hosting (Asia Pacific)

Analytics - Predict (EMEA)

Analytics - Predict (Asia Pacific)


Blackboard’s status page ( contains real-time updates of current status events and upcoming maintenance items for all of Blackboard’s Cloud and Managed Hosting services. However, a user must pull these notifications by navigating to the site instead of receiving them via a push.

To assist in closing this gap, Blackboard Client Support has refined the real-time RSS feeds for each service and subscribers to the RSS feeds can receive push notifications whenever a status update is posted by utilizing a desktop-based RSS reader or a mobile phone RSS reader like Feeder (or another preferred app).

Link to Feeder in Google Play:

Link to Feeder in iTunes App Store:

Once an RSS reader is installed on a preferred device, a user can configure the reader to receive updates for the services applicable to them utilizing the links below from the RSS reader.  The first link is utilized for all services, while the remaining links are for individual services. 

RSS feeds:

All Services (last 50 events)

Analytics - Managed Hosting

Bb Comms HQ (formerly ParentLink)

Behind The Blackboard

Collaborate - Blackboard IM

Collaborate - Web Conferencing (Asia Pacific)

Collaborate - Web Conferencing (Canada)

Collaborate - Web Conferencing (Europe)

Collaborate - Web Conferencing (US)

Connect - Connect 5

Connect - ConnectTxt International

Connect - ConnectTxt US

Connect - TipTxt

Developer Portal -

Engage - Easy Grade Pro

Engage - Edline

Engage - GradeQuick

Learn - Blackboard Open Content

Learn - Cloud & Social Tools

Learn - Inline Grading

Learn - Managed Hosting (Asia Pacific)

Learn - Managed Hosting (Canada)

Learn - Managed Hosting (Europe) 

Learn - Managed Hosting (US) 

Learn - Mobile Services

Learn - Open Education Platform

Learn - Partner Cloud

Learn - SIS Central

Learn - SaaS Deployment for Blackboard Learn (Asia Pacific)

Learn - SaaS Deployment for Blackboard Learn (Europe)

Learn - SaaS Deployment for Blackboard Learn (US)

Learn - SafeAssign

Moodlerooms (Asia Pacific)

Moodlerooms (Europe)

Moodlerooms (Latin America)

Moodlerooms (US)

Moodlerooms Enterprise

Web Community Manager (formerly Schoolwires)

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