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New Domains for Collaborate - Client Action Required

Date Published: Aug 23,2017

CategoryProduct:Ultra Experience; Version:Ultra Experience
Article No.: 000047360

Support Bulletin

Collaborate - Ultra Experience

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Blackboard Collaborate will now be using Amazon Cloud in addition to Blackboard hosting to launch Ultra sessions, this change will improve reliability and capacity.  We would like to take this time to ensure you are setup correctly and ensure your success.

New Domains:

Blackboard Collaborate will be introducing the following two new domains.  Please ensure you have whitelisted these domains if you have been previously whitelisting Collaborate IP's.

  • *
  • *

Current Domain and Region Information:

When will this Change Happen:

We will begin launching sessions using Amazon Cloud after the following dates:

  • US-SAS: September 8, 2017
  • EU-SAS: September 15, 2017
  • AU-SAS: September 15, 2017
  • CA-SAS: September 15, 2017 (Please review our note below for important information.)


Blackboard Collaborate will be introducing two new domains * and *  This article is intended to help you, the System Administrator, configure your network for connecting to Collaborate sessions going forward.

This information is necessary if you have designed your network in such a way that specific traffic can be blocked, prioritized or made available through proxy. In such cases, network administrators should ensure that Collaborate domains are whitelisted.

Configure Domains:

When a user joins a session, a connection is made to one of several available Blackboard Collaborate servers. Since Blackboard Collaborate uses dynamic server assignment, it is not possible to state in advance precisely which server will host a session. This means the domain is known only when the session actually starts. Therefore, you must ensure firewalls (and proxy systems) allow access to these Blackboard domains *, * and *  If you have previously whitelisted Blackboard Collaborate IP's, Blackboard Support is now asking clients to whitelist our domains.

Configure Ports:

Please note that Collaborate with the Ultra experience connects on one of these ports:

  • Range: UDP 49152 through 65535 (Recommended for best performance)
  • UDP 50000 (Will slightly degrade performance if limited to this UDP port)
  • TCP 443

Configure Firewalls:

Collaborate with the Ultra experience – Additionally, Collaborate with the Ultra experience uses HTML5 Web Socket traffic to connect to session servers. As such, Proxy servers need to allow HTML5 Web Socket traffic in order for Collaborate to connect to the session servers through a proxy. Proxy servers may need to be specifically configured to handle this Web Socket traffic. Click Here to access our article on testing Web Socket traffic on your network.

Important Note:

Canadian clients that are currently hosted in our Canadian data center (Calgary hosted) will not launch sessions into the EU-West-1 server infrastructure until the customer specifically opts in or Blackboard Collaborate provides session infrastructure in the AWS Montreal region.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please open a case with Client Support on Behind the Blackboard.

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