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Refresh Production Server on Staging (clone)

Date Published: Aug 01,2022

CategoryProduct:Troubleshooting Guides; Version:9.1,SaaS
Article No.: 000053072
Blackboard Learn
This article describes the procedure for a refresh's requested for SaaS and Managed Hosting instances of Learn.


On occasion, Administrators may want to run several tests before implementing them on their Production servers, for this purpose we can offer a refresh of their Production server on the Staging server. Due to sizing limitations this process cannot be completed on test servers.
For SaaS, the refresh process does not impact the services for Production or Staging until the new staging server is available. Once available the new URL will be moved to the new environment for the client to access. The duration to complete the request will depend on the size of the Production server, for this reason we cannot predict how long it will take in each request.

For Managed Hosting, the refresh process does not impact services for Production, but the Staging environment would be inaccessible while the request is being processed. The required downtime is 24 hours, but this can change based on the size of the Production server.

For both product offerings, the impact of the job would be the replacement/loss of all previous information on Staging.

Upon completion of the Staging refresh it is important that you review any Building Block and LTI Connections on the new Staging server.  Settings are copied from the Production server and will need to be updated with any Staging IDs, Shared Secret Keys, etc. to function correctly for Staging/Testing purposes.
For LTI Setup Information please review the following resources:

NOTE: Please be aware that for Managed Hosting Production ONLY clients there is an additional option, you may request a 30 day temporary clone. The clone would be an exact duplicate of Production and any test can be run with no impact on the live services. If needed, it can be updated to a newer version of Learn so that you can test the latest version before you proceed with the scheduled upgrade. Keep in mind this server will be reclaimed after 30 days of its creation and that time frame cannot be extended.



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