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Configuring Collaborate Ultra B2

Date Published: Mar 07,2019

CategoryProduct:Extensions,Integrations,Help & FAQs; Version:Learn 9.1 Q4 2016 (3100.0.0-rel.107+401e,Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373),SaaS,Ultra Experience,Learn 9.1 Q4 2015 (9.1.201510.1171621),Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 (3000.1.0-rel.52+991d)
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
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This article contains basic information pertaining to configuring the new Collaborate Ultra building block.


The Collaborate Ultra building block is LTI based.  As such, it will require LTI credentials to configure it. Existing Blackboard Collaborate "Original" B2 credentials will not work in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra B2.

Obtaining Ultra LTI credentials
  • If you are currently using Collaborate Ultra LTI, then you may use those credentials to configure the Collaborate Ultra building block.  Otherwise, you will need to request Collaborate Ultra LTI credentials.  Please see the following article for more information on submitting a request for LTI Credentials:
  • Please request a set of credentials for each individual LMS instance: including staging, test, development instances. Do NOT reuse credentials on multiple LMS sites. Attendance for Blackboard Learn requires registering a Cloud Site ID which can only be used on one site at a time. 
  • Requests for integration credentials have an SLA of 7 days.
  • You will receive an email containing Consumer Key and Secret and URLs.
Configuring the B2
  • Go to Sys Admin>Building Blocks>Installed Tools>Blackboard Collaborate Ultra>Settings>Web Conference Settings.
    • LTI Service URL - Choose the one where your sessions are hosted:
      • US-SAS:
      • CA-SAS:
      • EU-SAS:
      • AU-SAS:
    • CSA Service URL - Choose the one where your sessions are hosted:
      • US-SAS:
      • CA-SAS:
      • EU-SAS:
      • AU-SAS:
    • Username = Consumer Key - This will be found in the email from Cloud Provisioning.
      • Example:  Client Name_lti_production
    • Password = Shared Secret - This will be found in the email from Cloud Provisioning.
      • Example:  5038B88A62905FCB7A1B0473D1853A12
    • Select Submit.
Setting up Attendance (optional) (Blackboard Learn SaaS Continuous Delivery v3500.9.0, Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019, Blackboard Learn SaaS Flexible Deployment Option Q2 2019)

For more information please visit Blackboard Help: Collaborate in Learn Saas
  • Ensure that you are NOT reusing the consumer key and secret from another LMS instance.
  • From the Administrator Tools select Building Blocks, and Installed Tools.
  • Find Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and select Settings.
  • Select Cloud Site ID Registration.
  • Choose Register and select Submit.
  • Select Attendance Settings.
  • Select the Report Attendance check box.
  • Select Submit.
Make B2 available to Courses
  • Set the B2 to available
    • System Admin > Building Blocks > Installed Tools 
    • Click the down arrow next to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 
    • Choose Set Available
  • Enable the B2 Globally
    • System Admin > Tool and Ultilities > Tools
    • Scroll down to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra section
    • System Tool = On
    • Course Tool = On
      • Lock open = Default On (if you choose this option be sure to Apply changes to New and existing Courses or it will NOT show up in existing courses)
      • Lock closed = Always On
    • Organization Tool = On 
      • Lock open = Default On (if you choose this option be sure to Apply changes to New and existing Organizations or it will NOT show up in existing orgs)
      • Lock closed = Always On
    • Submit changes
  • Enable the B2 at Course/Organization Level - If you left the lock open in the previous step, users can enable and disable the tool at the course level.
    • From course or organization, click Customization under Course Management Control Panel
    • Click Tool Availability
    • Scroll down and locate Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
    • Place a check in the box in the Available column to enable the B2
    • Remove the check in the box in the Available column to disable the B2
    • Submit changes
Please Note:
  • If you are currently using Collaborate Ultra LTI in Blackboard Learn, the data from Ultra LTI, including sessions and recordings, will port to the Collaborate Ultra building block IF the Consumer Key and Shared secret are exactly the same in both environments.
  • Data from the Blackboard Collaborate building blocks will NOT port over to the new Blackboard Collaborate Ultra building block.  However, you can run the old Blackboard Collaborate building block and the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra building block side by side in such a way that you may still access Collaborate Original for some courses if desired and to access existing recordings. To stop allowing access to sessions in the Blackboard Collaborate "Original" building block, but still allow the recordings to be played, please visit: How to Enable Recordings only on Blackboard Collaborate Building Block
  • CSA stands for Collaborate Service API which uses the REST API.

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