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Blackboard Intelligence Core version 4.2 is Now Available

Date Published: Jul 18,2017

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Blackboard is pleased to announce the general availability of enhancements to the Core module for Blackboard Intelligence, impacting all Intelligence modules (Analytics for Learn, Student Management, Finance, HR, and Advancement). 

Release Highlights

The enhancements below highlight the key updates made in this new release. This release provides new capabilities in reporting on report use across all Intelligence suite supported providers: SSRS, Pyramid, and A4L Learn Integrated reporting.

  • Report Popularity dashboards and drill capabilities to identify which users are running reports, when, and providing associated contextual information;
  • Execution Success analysis reporting, identifying performance hiccups and associated error codes for investigation;
  • A4L extension reports, describing when and by whom courses are the subject of reporting, and what sort of information is being sought


The following prerequisites must be in place prior to applying this upgrade.
  • HEA Core Version 4.1 – the upgrade will require version 4.1 of the HEA Core module to be installed and operational.

New Features and Enhancements

  • [COMN-27]    Partitioned Deletes and Truncates on Final Fact Tables
  • [COMN-106]    Usage Reporting for Analytics Modules
  • [AFLN-1190]    Report Usages Extension

Resolved Issues

  • [COMM-44]    DimCourse.CourseAvailableIndicator Transformation Logic Doesn't Correspond to Learn
    Improve logging of the web service polling phase
  • [HEA-22]    HEAdmin Set Reporting Period for PSSA Needs Ability to Set Current Aid Year
  • [COMM-48]    Add Additional Error Handling to HEA.LogLinkedServers
  • [COMM-51]    Incorrect Version Timing
  • [COMN-18]    HEA.ValidateParentChild – Could Not Find Product Usage
  • [COMN-30]    HEA.BuildClauses – Concatentation Typo
  • [COMN-34]    HEA.ValidateMissing – Generating Invalid SQL Statement
  • [COMN-53]    HEA.SetDimensionAttributeActive – Lineage
  • [COMN-86]    HEA. GetAvailableLoads – Remove Condition 'Source Table Extract Error'
  • [COMN-68]    HEA.BuildClauses – Failed Insert statement
  • [COMN-71]    HEA.GetUniqueDescription – Need to Support Unicode Data
  • [COMN-81]    HEAdmin – Improper Reporting in GetVersionLog
  • [COMN-65]    Revisit Remove/Restore Indexes
  • [COMN-83]    HEA.ValidateFactDimMismatch – Performance Issue
  • [COMN-85]    HEA.ValidateMissing – Performance Issue
  • [COMN-50]    Use Term UniqueDescription for Version Related HEAdmin Content
  • [COMN-90]    HEAdmin Load Status Report – Misleading Source Extract Duration
  • [COMN-91]    HEAdmin Application Timeout Improperly Handled
  • [COMN-93]    DQF: datetime2 Columns Improperly Formatted in Generated SQL Statement
  • [COMN-94]    HEA.GetLoadStatusReport – Remove Condition on 'Source Table Extract Error'
  • [COMN-96]    HEA.RemoveIndexes – Support Special Characters for Indexes
  • [COMN-110]    HEA.BuildClauses – Extract Dates from Oracle DB as Strings
  • [COMN-100]    HEA.LogLinkedServers – Multiple Linked Server Checks
  • [COMN-97]    Create Hotfix for EntityCopy
  • [COMN-104]    Add Support for Multiple Source Extract Attempts
  • [COMN-111]    HEA.GetLoadStatusReport – Change Logic for Report Header Section Definition
  • [COMN-128]    Support for Openquery Source Extract for MSSQL DB

Client Deployment Recommendations

Clients interested in deploying the upgrade may contact Blackboard Support for release documentation and install files. Release documentation is also linked below. Clients may also contact their Blackboard account representative to arrange for a scoping call to plan and schedule any desired services.

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