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SaaS/Ultra 3000.9 Release - New Ultra Features

Date Published: Jul 29,2016

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SaaS Release 3000.9 included several new features for Ultra.
With the inclusion of these features, Ultra is now ready to conduct an online course although there are still some limitations.
These features include:
  • Multiple choice questions in Tests, including Multiple Answer Multiple choice questions
  • Grading Rubrics for Assignments (Percentage-based only in this release)
  • Group Discussions (ungraded in this release)
  • Enhanced Collaborate features


1.  Multiple Choice Questions in Tests
1.  Go to Create > Assessments > Tests > Add Question

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2.  In the side panel that displays, select "Multiple Choice"
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3.  Add Question and Answer texts and designate the correct answer.  If this is a multiple answer-multiple choice, select all correct answers.  Note that answer choice text boxes can be deleted if fewer than 4 answer choices are required- such as for True/False questions.
More choices can also be added using the "Add Choice" link.

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2.  Grading Rubrics for Assignments
Instructors can create and reuse rubrics within a course for Assignments.  They cannot be shared between courses.  

In this release, the rubrics are percentage-based only; points-based rubrics will be included in a future release.

1.  Access rubrics within the Settings for any Assignment and select "Add grading rubric"

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2.  On the next screen, all rubrics created within the course display as well as the ability to add a rubric.  Select "Create New Rubric" to build a new rubric for the assignment and course.
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3.  The Create Rubric feature allows for using the Edit function to add text descriptions to all Criteria and also to weight each criteria by percentage.  The total percentage of all Criteria needs to add up to 100 %.
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4.  When grading, the Instructor can use the rubric to assign a grade.  The student will also be able to access the rubric to see how it was used to assign the grade.
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3. Group Discussions
A Discussion can be designated a Group Discussion similar to the way an Assignment is designated as a Group Assignment.  

One significant difference is that a Group Discussion CANNOT be graded.  Graded Group Discussions will be added in a future release.

​1. Create > Participation and Engagement > Settings >make discussion groups
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2.  Groups are created the same as with Assignments
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3.  Once created, the settings indicate that it is a Group Discussion:
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4.  Students will see this is a Group Discussion and the Group they are assigned to in their Course Content listing.  When they select that Discussion, they will also see the other members of their group.:
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One other change affecting Groups is that Group Assignments can now have "Conversations".
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4.  Enhanced Collaborate features
Access to Collaborate - and Collaborate sessions - can be added within Course Content.  The Instructor can also create spontaneous sessions with students. 
1. In the Create Content section - select Content Market
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and then Select Collaborate
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​This will add Collaborate Ultra to the Course Content.  Clicking on the Collaborate Ultra link in Course Content opens the Collaborate screen where all current and future sessions are listed.
Selecting the "Join Room" link allows the Instructor to create an "instant" session.  Link for students to join is in Options but students will also have a "Join Room" link when they select the Collaborate Ultra link.
Create a new session by clicking the + at the top, as indicated in the image below.
User-added image
When Students select the Collaborate Ultra link, they will  see Current and Future sessions if "Show all Upcoming Sessions" (the default) is selected - and can also directly enter the Collaborate Ultra room using the Join Room link.
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Other Options for Students and Instructors for displaying sessions:
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