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Collaborate Ultra - Error: Wrong session time shown

Date Published: Dec 29,2020

CategoryProduct:Known Issues & Error Messages; Version:Ultra Experience
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
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This article covers how to troubleshoot issues where a single user believes they are seeing the Collaborate Ultra session time displayed at the wrong time.



Collaborate Ultra uses the end user's computer's local system clock to display the session time to the user in their preferred local time zone. Sometimes however the local system clock gets manually changed or out of sync in a way which results in Collaborate Ultra not showing the scheduled sessions correctly. For example a session that should be at 2 pm local time is shown as starting in the past at 12 pm. 


Check the computer's system clock preferences and resynchronize with a server to ensure time zone, date, time and daylight savings is set correctly.

Windows: go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Date & time and click on Sync Now
Check that the user has selected the correct time zone and has the correct daylight saving settings.
Check that the Windows Time Service is running.
Mac OS: Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Date & Time Unlock to make changes, Select Set date and time automatically and choose an appropriate server for your region. Click on the Time Zone tab to select the appropriate Time Zone. 

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