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Collaborate Ultra Recording Bulk Deletion

Date Published: Nov 30,2020

CategoryProduct:Ultra Experience; Version:Ultra Experience
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
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As a Blackboard Collaborate administrator, you can open a support case in Behind the Blackboard to request bulk deletion of Collaborate Ultra recordings in order to free up storage space. Please limit requests to recordings contained within a single date range, for example "delete all recordings before September 1, 2020”, or “All recordings created between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019”. Note this will apply to all recordings no matter which course they are related to. Any requests to delete recordings from specific courses, created by specific instructors, created within specific user accounts, within multiple date ranges or requests containing a list of recordings will not be fulfilled. You will not be able to request "all recordings from course A" for example.
Important Note: All recordings within the provided date range will be deleted. Exceptions for specific recordings within the range cannot be made.
The SLA for processing and completing bulk recording deletion requests is 7 - 14 days. All communication about your bulk request will occur within the support case on Behind the Blackboard.

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