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Collaborate Ultra - FAQ: I am in a session with no other users or no instructor

Date Published: Dec 31,2020

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Entering a Collaborate Ultra session and finding you are the only person in the session or you are in a session with a few other participants but no instructor can be confusing and just as alarming as not being able to find your classroom in a physical building. This article will walk you through the most common mistakes to help you find the right Collaborate Ultra session.


Please check the following circumstances:
  1. You joined the session at the wrong time. Also be mindful if you are in a different time zone. 
  2. You have joined the wrong session. Many institutions have "Course Rooms" always available, but your instructor may have scheduled a different Collaborate Ultra session at a particular date and time.
  3. You have joined the wrong Course in your school's LMS (Learn, OpenLMS, Moodle, D2L, Brightspace, Canvas, Instructure, Schoology, etc...) Please check that you are accessing the correct Course for your class. 
  4. System time settings are incorrect on your local computer.  Please note, there may be instances where the system clock displays the current time, but there are still underlying issues with the computer's Time Service.  This can happen when the time settings have been overridden manually to display the current time.  For suggested troubleshooting, see the following article:
Still lost? Please follow up with your instructor or school's helpdesk to check for the right Time, the right Collaborate Ultra Session, and/or the right LMS Course.

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