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Collaborate LTI - Error: Spinning Purple Loading wheel for Collaborate Scheduler

Date Published: Jul 04,2019

CategoryProduct:Web Conferencing; Version:Web Conferencing
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Error Summary

When a user clicks on the Collaborate LTI external tool or the Collaborate Ultra building block tool using a browser that has blocked 3rd party cookies the user will see a spinning purple circle and the Collaborate Scheduler page never fully loads.

Affected Platforms

Any browser with 3rd party cookies disabled



When a user goes into a CMS/LMS using the Collaborate LTI external tool, clicks on the tool link in their course, the Collaborate Session Scheduler page does not load. Instead the user sees a purple spinner. Users see a purple spinner because disabling 3rd party cookies blocks the Collaborate LTI from sharing data or using cookies properly with the CMS/LMS. Therefore, the Blackboard Collaborate LTI requires the CMS/LMS to share this data in order for the Collaborate Scheduler to work.


If 3rd party cookies must be disabled, most browsers allow for domain exceptions to be added. Please Allow [*.] (Chrome) or (Firefox).

Please see your browser documentation for further instructions.

If the user is seeing a purple spinner while trying to join a live session, for example they used a guest link or clicked a join session button please click here for help .

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