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Learn 9.1 3900.0 - Top 50 Resolved Bugs

Date Published: Nov 05,2020

CategoryProduct:Installs & Configurations; Version:Learn 9.1, 3900.0.0
Article No.: 000074932

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Blackboard is pleased to share the top 50 bugs fixed in the Learn 9.1 3900.0 release.  With our 9.1 releases, we are committed to delivering strong product quality and providing a stable, reliable experience for educators and students using Blackboard Learn today.  The below 50 issues were deemed the most important based on priority, severity and the number of clients impacted by the issue.  If you would like to see additional details for each issue, please click on the article link.
 Summary and Article Information
1.Grade Center Access Log Displays Access Type Incorrectly when Starting a Test Attempt - Article #62477
2.Multiple Page PDFs do not Display Properly in Chrome - Article #60942
3.Authentication Log Spam for Successful Login - Article #55733
4.Test Images Show Broken Links if Available until Date and Time Passes while in Test - Article #56176
5.Assessment Images and Other Attached Files cannot be Viewed while Inside a Test after 'Display Until' Time - Article #66289
6.NPE Thrown on Entry into My Grades for Students with no Grade - Article #72085
7.Multiple Choice Answer Numbering does not Align with Answer Text when Presenting Questions Individually - Article #59672
8.Course Home Folder Access not Immediately Granted on Quick Enroll by Course Administrator - Article #58037
9.When Using the Table of Content to Select Nested Folders to Move Items, Not all Nested Folders are Always Displayed - Article #57088
10.Date Management Produces Not Found or No Permission Error - Article #59037
11.Membership Criteria Added Automatically with 'No User can Satisfy this Criterion' to Adaptive Release - Article #55510
12.Performance Issues with Oracle 18c and 12cR2 - Article #57044
13.Default SafeHTML Filter Policy Becomes Active after a Restart - Article #61992
14.Attachment File Link in Announcement Notification Email Points to Invalid Address - Article #70110
15.Blank White Page Displays for Enterprise Survey - Article #57848
16.Using Bulk Delete on Grade Center Columns Breaks Assignments - Article #71089
17.Smart Views for Users are not Sorted Alphabetically - Article #70190
18.Error Importing SIS Settings with Shared Password - Article #60821
19.Adaptive Release Performance Dashboard Background Makes Text Difficult to Read - Article #57836
20.Math Editor 'error in the formula or input values' when using calculus functions - Article #55103
21.Users Cannot see the Course Calendars or Calendar Items as Expected - Article #54930
22.Failed to find Matching Attempt or Grade During Course Copy - Article #57342
23.LTI Tools in Control Panel Course Tools open in an iframe, causing errors for LTIs that rely on tracking cookies on browser that prevent cross-site / third party cookies - Article #56728
24.Intermittent Success in Publishing a Badge to Mozilla Backpack - Article #61439
25.Overall Summary of User Activity Excludes Student Data - Article #60512
26.Course Copy Fails to Copy Content if the Destination Course has Content Area with the same Name but Different Letter Case - Article #64539
27.System Announcements do not Appear on Course Home Page My Announcements Module - Article #60835
28.SIS Stopped Running After Upgrade - Article #61143
29.Organization-Specific BBCMS Application Warning Messages Present when Copying Courses - Article #58206
30.Cannot Send Connect SMS or T2V Events to Users on New Free Connect Proxy Setups after Upgrade - Article #59281
31.LTI Placement Tools Missing from System Admin Tools Menu - Article #63795
32.All User Activity Inside Content Areas Report Total Hits not Matching - Article #63810
33.Overall Summary of User Activity Course Report only lists Guest Users in Access and Date - Article #55601
34.Glossary Tool does not work following upgrade to v3800 - Article #55616
35.Avatars not Displayed in Users and Groups - Article #55887
36.Potential Service Interruption as a Result of Database blocking due to Xythos Queries - Article #60831
37.Unable to Delete Courses through SIS - Article #54953
38.Error Access Denied "java.util.PropertyPermission" "snowflake.enable_incident_test2" "read" Appears at the Bottom of some Enterprise Surveys - Article #57047
39.SIS does not log Summary Message for Feeds with only One Record - Article #62068
40.LTI Deep Link Response does not work with the new stricter SameSite cookie support in browsers - Article #52689
41.Row Options ("Questions") do not appear on "Analyze Results" for Matrix Questions on Enterprise Surveys - Article #55179
42.Uploading an Image File as a Custom Login Screen Breaks the Login Screen - Article #63752
43.Outcomes Goals and Assessments Missing Data and Evaluation Percentage Shows as Incomplete - Article #55645
44.Attendance Tool Roster Disappears at some Resolutions - Article #50807
45.What's New Module will not Load and Impacts Loading of Other Modules - Article #60903
46.New Chrome 80 SameSite cookie restrictions break SAML login cookie - Article #56767
47.Outcomes Link In Reviewer Email Not Working - Article #55700
48.Outcomes Assessment Evaluation Progress Bar Incorrectly Showing Zero Percent - Article #60027
49.First Subtab Always Missing in Responsive Design on Mobile Devices - Article #61912
50.System Role Privileges Reverted to Restricted After Upgrade - Article #55556

To see the full list of resolved issues in the Learn 9.1 3900.0 release, go to Self Service > Known Issues and then under Planned First Fix search by Learn 9.1, 3900.0 Release.  The list can also be printed or exported to PDF or Excel.


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