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Scheduled Maintenance: Video Recording Feedback in Blackboard Learn Assignment Grading - February 13, 2021

Date Published: Feb 12,2021

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Support Bulletin

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Updated Bulletin (Published on February 12, 2021):

This is a reminder of the scheduled maintenance that is taking place on Saturday, February 13, 2021.  Please review the original bulletin for the details of this maintenance.


Original Bulletin (Published on January 26, 2021):

Instructors can record video feedback to students as they are grading assignments in Learn courses. 

This Recording feature is provided by some sub-components of Blackboard Collaborate.  Those components require maintenance over a window of a maximum of 3 hours on Saturday, February 13, 2021.

When will this maintenance occur? 
We’ve looked at the usage data to determine when the Recording feature is used the least and scheduled the maintenance during these times.  Based on the data and where your Learn instance is hosted, you can expect the following maintenance window on Saturday, February 13, 2021: 

  • Australia : 1:00am AEDT  
  • EU : 12:00am UTC 
  • US and Canada: 3:00am EST 

What will users see?  

Instructors and students will see an error page during this maintenance window.  This includes:

  • Instructors who click on the Insert/Edit Recording option in the grading workflow
  • Students who attempt to access recorded feedback videos  

This error message is a standard message that we cannot be customized for this specific maintenance.  There is nothing the users need to do to regain access to the feature.  As soon as the maintenance is complete, the Recording feature will again be available.  The maintenance should take no longer than 3 hours.  It will likely be much shorter. 

Can Instructors grade Learn assignments during the maintenance?  

Yes.  Blackboard Learn and assignment grading will be available.  Only the video recording feedback feature will be temporarily unavailable. 

Is Collaborate itself impacted by that maintenance window?  

No.  Blackboard Collaborate will not be impacted nor interrupted during this window, as the Learn feature runs on a separate infrastructure.  

Will this happen every month?  

No.  This is a one-time maintenance.  If further similar maintenance is needed in the future, we will inform you through a Support Bulletin at least 2 weeks in advance.  At this stage, we do not anticipate the need to repeat maintenance any time soon.  

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