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February-18-2021: Analytics Server Maintenance - Oracle Update on Analytics Servers

Date Published: Feb 12,2021

CategoryProduct:Learn Administration,Managed Hosting; Version:9.1,Analytics for Learn,Student Management,SaaS
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This notification is to inform Blackboard Analytics Managed Hosted Clients that during the Scheduled Maintenance window on Thursday, 18-February-2021, we will be upgrading Oracle Client to version 19c.  We are making this change for security reasons as it is best practice to run the latest supported version of the Oracle client.
Any clients that have a Oracle linked server which Analytics pulls data from are encouraged to also update the Oracle client on their server but it is not required.
This maintenance is not expected to impact the server performance, reporting, or ETL jobs, but we will be monitoring servers closely after the change for any issues and address them if they arise.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this maintenance, please contact support by either creating a support ticket on Behind the Blackboard or calling 1(888)788-5264.

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