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Blackboard Learn SaaS Notification – Downtime Maintenance Schedule Release

Date Published: Jun 04,2021

CategoryProduct:Learn Administration; Version:SaaS
Article No.: 000075609


Bulletin/Advisory Information:

As we continue to streamline our customer’s workflows, we built the Downtime Maintenance Schedule feature that will allow for Learn Administrators to self-schedule select maintenance activities.  With the release of 3900.15 in Learn SaaS, Learn Administrators will be able to efficiently schedule a maintenance window for a required database upgrade.  

The Downtime Maintenance Schedule feature can be accessed through the Administrator Panel > System Configuration.  This feature automatically assigns a database upgrade date and time between June 17 through August 3 to each site that is eligible for a database upgrade at the time of the Learn upgrade. This feature allows a Learn Administrator of the site to access a Calendar to see the scheduled window or update the window to each client’s preference. Clients, if eligible to, have the ability to select a maintenance window between the dates of June 17, 2021 and November 30, 2021.  

Keep in mind that since new versions of Blackboard Learn are released on Thursdays, we strongly recommend not scheduling maintenance on these days as this may cause delays or the need to reschedule the maintenance.  In the event of a future Learn upgrade conflicting with a scheduled database upgrade, the already in progress task will take priority and the pending task will be delayed. 

Learn Administrators will not be allowed to modify their maintenance window within 24 hours of their scheduled upgrade.  If due to unforeseen circumstances the upgrade should not take place at the scheduled time, clients should contact Blackboard Support to request the cancellation and ask for another maintenance window. 

The Blackboard Support Team has actively worked with some clients to pre-schedule maintenance windows.  If you are one of these clients, please note that your maintenance window may not reflect your preference until June 11, 2021.   If you do not see the appropriate window reflected after June 11, please work with support to have it updated or feel free to update it yourself. 

Should you have additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to the Blackboard Support Team. As always, thank you for being a valued Blackboard SaaS customer. 

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