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Student Assessment Answers show "None Given" and "saved question 0 multiple times"

Date Published: Dec 08,2021

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:SaaS - v3900.28.0,Learn 9.1 3900.28.0 Release; Product:Grade Center; Version:9.1,SaaS
Article No.: 000075694
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
9.1, SaaS
When a student tries to complete a test through multiple tab windows, the answers aren't saved and show "None Given" and "saved question 0 multiple times" for the instructor.
Steps to Repeat:
  1. Log into Blackboard Learn as an Instructor
  2. Access a course
  3. Create a Force-complete quiz with 3 True/False questions; allow only ONE attempt
  4. Enroll a test student
  5. Log in as test student
  6. Go to the content area in which the test is deployed and open this in two tabs
  7. In both tabs, start the test but do not click Begin
  8. Click Begin in tab 1
  9. Wait about 1 minute
  10. Click Begin in tab 2
  11. OBSERVE: tab 2 reports "You completed the test on..."
  12. Answer the 3 TF questions in tab 1. NOTE that the "saving..." label reverts to "save question" and never converts to "✔ Saved"
  13. Submit the test in tab 1
  14. Return to the instructor view and view the Attempt
  15. OBSERVE: Test result shows "none given" for all Questions
  16. Select the Access Log

Observed Behavior:
The "Saved question 0 multiple times over a period of: 00:47" appears:

Expected Behavior:
Test entry log shows no saves as all were lost.



When the forced-completion occurs, incomplete data is recorded in the test access logs.


From Learn 3900.28 the behavior of the "Force Complete" option has been modified to prevent this issue.

Previously:  the Timer and Force Complete options weren't strictly linked. When a student accessed an in-progress test attempt, through any means, this triggered the forced submission.

Beginning with Learn 3900.28: the Force Complete option is linked to the Timer option. In order to engage Force Completion, a timer must also be set.

If the student tries to re-enter the in-progress test a message appears indicating they cannot resume the test and that if they have opened the test in another window or tab they must continue the attempt there only. Re-entry is denied by the test, but it is not immediately submitted.

However: if the user has exited the tab or window the test attempt is unobtainable and will eventually be submitted through the AutoSubmitHelper (A.S.H.) Thread, so the end-result of a forced submission is still achieved.


The "Force Complete" option is not available in the Ultra Experience.

This change does not affect the functionality of third-party remote proctoring solutions.

The Timer can still be used without Force Complete.

The exact timing of the submission is governed by the properties of the A.S.H. Thread outlined in KB № 000074694 About the AutoSubmitHelper Thread

Target Release:

Learn 9.1, 3900.28.0 Release

SaaS - Fixed (v3900.28.0)

Patch Available:


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