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TDM 2.0 Release

Date Published: Aug 03,2022

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What is TDM 2.0?

TDM 2.0 is a complete rebuild of the code base focused on making the software more scalable, stable, and flexible. Specifically, TDM 2.0 will include:
  • Back-end and Frond-end rebuild with refreshed UI and Workflows.
  • Enhanced features including:
    • Enhanced Language Management
    • Regional Deployments
    • Catalog Entry Preview
    • Offering-Specific Dates and Times with Recurring Dates For Face-to-Face and Synchronous Offerings
  • Updated and modernized GUI
  • Improved performance and scalability
    • TDM 2.0 leverages the AWS IaaS (infrastructure as a Service) and serverless implementation. This provides nearly limitless resources to auto scale anytime to meet increased demands for network, processing, or storage.
What bugs will be addressed by TDM 2.0?
  • User Creation by Default marks gender as Male even if we have not added Gender in User Registration Fields
  • Date Picker Does not work well when typed in using Keyboards
  • SameSite attribute not set in cookie results in redirect to login page
  • Course Name Error Message has to be Dynamic
  • Offering Name Error Message has to be the same as that of the course Name message
  • Offering Name Error Message has to some strings that are not recognized hence displays the variable ID
  • The Formatting of required 'Skills' and 'Credentials' fields of Instructor Management is not honored when viewing the instructor information as user.
  • When editing an existing Instructor Profile, it does not indicate which fields are required.

Where can I find more information about when TDM 2.0 will be released?

You can find an updated roadmap and timeline in the Anthology community

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