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Collaborate Compatibility with LTI 1.3

Date Published: Sep 07,2022

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Collaborate does not currently utilize the LTI 1.3 standard. This article will explain what LMS administrators need to do and what our plans are in regards to Collaborate and LTI 1.3 in the future.


The IMS global consortium, who maintains the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard and certifies providers, has decided to focus on supporting and developing only LTI 1.3 and following versions from now on.

What does it mean for current implementations?

For current implementations leveraging LTI versions that are not 1.3, the end of support simply means that there won’t be further updates and patches on those versions.

However, it is not expected that the integrations would break as a consequence of the end of support.


Do you need to upgrade your LMS?

All of the largest LMSs typically support several versions of the LTI standard.

Blackboard Learn, for example, supports LTI 1.0, LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3, and has confirmed there is no plan to deprecate support of Blackboard Learn for any of those versions.

If your LMS doesn’t support LTI 1.3, it doesn’t prevent the LMS from integrating with tools that support other versions of LTI, like Collaborate.

My LMS supports both LTI 1.0 and LTI 1.3: should I update the Collaborate integration to LTI 1.3?

Collaborate doesn’t support LTI 1.3, and given that IMS’s decision to focus on 1.3 isn’t expected to actually break the integrations using previous versions of LTI, there is no immediate need to upgrade your integration.

What is Collaborate’s plan regarding LTI 1.3, and what’s the impact of this? 

Collaborate isn’t planning to become certified for LTI 1.3 in the short term, given the limited impact of this announcement on our current clients in the next few years.

The only cases where it could have impact are:

  • If some LMS provider decides to support exclusively 1.3. At this stage none of the main LMS providers have announced such plans. Blackboard Learn has confirmed they’re not removing compatibility with previous LTI versions either and don’t have plans to do so in the near future.
  • If a current Collaborate client is changing to a new LMS that supports only 1.3. Again, as the main LMS providers are not removing support for older versions, we expect it to be unlikely that any LMS will remove support and we will address the situation on a case by case basis. (If you do have such a plan, please open a Collaborate support case to clarify your transition timeline to the new LMS).

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