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Submitting Feature Requests to the Anthology Idea Exchange

Date Published: Sep 26,2022

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The Anthology Idea Exchange is the best way to share your ideas and needs with Anthology. Our product team reviews these ideas on a regular basis and will ask for feedback where needed, as well as update the status so you know the latest information. Once you add an idea, vote on an idea, or comment on an idea, you will automatically get notified when any updates are made!  Making the Idea Exchange the quickest way to share your idea with Anthology and learn what we are doing with all our clients’ ideas. 

Please join us in shaping our solutions! 

Accessing the Anthology Idea Exchange: Please visit and select the forum for the product where you have an idea to share. 

Idea exchange homepage

If you have not already, you will need to create a username and password.  You may register for an account using your institutional domain email address.   

Idea Exchange Registration page 

From here, you can: 
  1. Submit ideas 
  1. See all ideas from other clients 
  1. Vote for ideas you think agree with 
  1. Check out comments from Anthology or other users  
  1. See what the latest status updates is  
  1. Give feedback on key topics Anthology is considering
Idea Exchange main page 

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