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  • Blackboard Open Education End of Life: June 30, 2021
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 06, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052520 —As a part of our commitment to delivering a portfolio of high-quality products to help our clients thrive in a complex and changing educational environment, our team has completed a full assessment of what would be required to continue developing and supporting Blackboard Open Education. We have determined that our teams and resources could better serve our clients by focusing in other areas or our portfolio, therefore, we have decided to discontinue support of Blackboard Open Education.   

  • Student Submission Text Missing in Downloaded Zip File for Assessment
    Known Issue —Jul 01, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051822 —If a student uses the VTBE Editor to complete an Assessment, the submission text does not appear in a TXT file in the downloaded ZIP file.

  • Course Memberships Public API Filtering By Role does not Support Custom Roles
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051754 —Course Membership filtering by Role supports only the default Roles, and does not support custom roles. Additionally, Course Membership Filtering by Role supports only filtering by the Role Name and does not support filtering by the Role Id of the form exposed in the Course Roles Public API (_1_1).

  • Cannot Search Discussion Boards if Forums are Unavailable
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051743 —If Discussion Forums are set to Unavailable either by Time and Date Restriction or Availability, the Search Discussion option does not work. Instructors and Admins are able to search each individual Forum, but not at the Top Level. If the Time and Date Restriction is removed or the Forum is made Available, Instructors and Admins are able to search at the Top Level.

  • Breadcrumbs Missing Links When Opening LTI in Original Course View
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051752 —When an LTI tool is present within a content area or folder within an original course, it only displays the course homepage and the LTI tool itself in the breadcrumbs. Instead, the whole path should be displayed. This means that students cannot navigate back to the last place they were at in the course after using the LTI tool.

  • Completed Attempts are Marked as 'In Progress' in Download of Grade Center
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051689 —In Ultra Courses, completed attempts are marked as "In Progress" and scored when the Grade Center is downloaded.

  • Original Courses in an Ultra Environment do not Display Text Grades in the Grade Center
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051661 —Original courses in an Ultra environment do not display text grades on the Grades page.

  • Student Goal Performance Export is not Loading and a 504 Gateway Time out Error Occurs
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051748 —The "Student Goal Performance Export" option under the System Admin tab is not loading. 504 Gateway time-out error occurs.

  • Negative Values Display in Single User Activity Overview Report
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051784 —When a System Administrator runs the "Single User Activity Overview" from the Admin Panel, the report displays negative values for non course activities.

  • No Option to Select Rubric in Artifacts When the Assignment has Delegated Graders
    Known Issue —Jun 30, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051758 —A User is not able to add a rubric; the option to do so is not available within Artifacts when an Assignment has Delegated Graders.