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Upcoming Workshop: SaaS Planning
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075326
—Enhanced quality, zero downtime updates, and easier change management are just a few of the benefits of migrating to SaaS.  That’s why we’re excited to offer a workshop that will provide you with valuable information and best practices to ensure your success.
'Next Page' Button Fails in 'Terms' when Selected the First Time
Known IssueMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075325
—The 'Next Page' button in Terms fails to load when the button is clicked for the first time.
Content Editor is not Interpreting Panopto Video Embedded as Video Element
Known IssueMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075307
—Users are unable to resize embedded Panopto video when using the contextual menu in the Content Editor.
A 'New' Notification Appears next to Groups in the Books and Tools menu
Known IssueMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075319
—In the student's view, a 'New' notification appears next to Groups in the Books and Tools menu. This behavior is present in Ultra courses, despite no groups being present.
Students Enrolled in Child Merged Courses Receive Notifications from the Master Course
Known IssueMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075037
—If a student is enrolled in a child course, the student receives notifications coming from the master course, instead of receiving notifications from the child course.
SafeAssign Originality Report is Only Available to Instructor and Admin Roles in Ultra
Known IssueMar 04, 2021
Article #: 000075144
—Roles with grading privileges such as the bb_facilitator, teaching assistant, and grader role, cannot access Originality reports for SafeAssign assignments in Ultra courses. Originality reports can only be viewed by instructor and admin roles.
Math Editor is Unresponsive in Self and Peer Assessment
Known IssueMar 03, 2021
Article #: 000075310
—Students cannot use the Math Editor during their submissions in Self and Peer Assessments.
Editor in Full Screen Mode does not Function
Known IssueMar 03, 2021
Article #: 000074966
—When using the new editor in Original view and in full-screen mode, if you hover over the few buttons of the editor on the upper left side, you pick up the link to the banner image that sits in the background and when you click on them you are redirected to the banner image link.
Grade History Report Displays Incorrect Submission Date for Tests
Known IssueMar 03, 2021
Article #: 000057051
—The submission date/time for a submitted Test in the Grade Center History Report is incorrect.
Ultra Student Feedback Videos Cannot be Recorded when Using Chrome
Known IssueMar 03, 2021
Article #: 000059412
—When using Chrome in Ultra Experience Courses using, the 'Insert/Edit Recording' tool for Feedback for Students does not trigger the display of the browser's permission-prompt for the user to enable the camera and microphone.