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New VTBE "+" Attempts to Display Incompatible Media File Formats like PSD, TIFF and WMA Inline
Known IssueNov 25, 2020
Article #: 000074958
—The new VTBE tries to display media files that Browsers can't actually playback inline with ,
New VTBE does not Load for Response Feedback for "Grade Questions" Tool
Known IssueNov 25, 2020
Article #: 000074946
—The new TinyMCE5 VTBE does not load for the Response Feedback text entry fields for the Grade Questions tool.
Connect for Learn: Course Notifications & System Announcements Implementation Process
General ArticleNov 24, 2020
Article #: 000062035
—Issue Description: Learn 9.1 Service Pack 9 and above offers the ability for users to send and receive notifications using text messages and text-to-voice phone calls. This capability is provided using a feature known as the Connect Message Gateway. It is free for US Learn clients. To activate, please open a case with Learn Support.
Blank White Page Displays for Enterprise Survey
Known IssueNov 24, 2020
Article #: 000057848
—A blank page appears instead of the enterprise survey entry form.
Externally Authenticated Sessions Remain in Mobile Browser View of Learn in Apps on iOS after Blackboard app v5.9 and Blackboard Instructor app v3.9 Updates
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000075019
—Upon authenticating to Blackboard app v5.9 and Blackboard Instructor app v3.9 on iOS via an external provider, sessions remain in the mobile browser view of Learn instead of returning to the native app interface.
Quick Learner Feedback Discussion Forum Attachments Result in 404 Error
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000059695
—Users are receiving a 404 error page when downloading files attached via the Quick Feedback to Learner area for a graded Discussion Forum.
Insufficient Contrast for Text Causes Accessibility Issues in the Learn 2016 Theme
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000060013
—In the Learn 2016 theme, text color for hover text is presented as #C372D2 on top of #333333, which does not meet color contrast guidelines for normal text. This makes the theme non-compliant with WCAG. The use of #C372D2 for text should be replaced with #E3B7EB instead, which is correctly used for keyboard selection workflows.
Logout Icon Display on Top of Global Navigation Menu Icon in the Arabic Language Pack
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000075029
—When using the Arabic Language Pack, the Logout Button displays¬†on top of the Navigation Menu icon.¬† The same behavior occurs if accessing the site from browser on a tablet or mobile device in which the screen resolution width is less than 1024px.
SVG Banner Image does not Display on Course Entry Page
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000075021
—The Banner image does not display upon accessing the Course entry page when the Banner image is an SVG file.
Ally Linked Resource List Contains Student File Attachments from Virtual Hard Drive
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000061147
—The Linked Resource List contains Student file attachments from a Virtual Hard drive. This is used by Ally, so Student files are getting processed as course content.