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  • Content Collection Personal Settings Home Page Location not Honored
    Known Issue —Jul 19, 2019

    Article No. #: 000040065 —Content Collection: Personal settings home page location not honored

  • Decimals not Allowed as Point Possible in Ultra
    Known Issue —Jul 19, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050902 —Decimals are not allowed to be entered in Points Possible fields of an Ultra Gradebook.

  • [Updated] Changes to Java JDK and impact to Building Blocks in Learn SaaS
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050307 —UPDATED: Our new target for adopting Java 11 is version 3800.0.0, which is scheduled for SaaS Continuous Delivery release into test on 10 September 2019 and into production on 3 October 2019. Building Blocks may be impacted. Please ensure you're prepared for the changes.

  • Assignment Links to HTML Objects show Broken Images after Object Edited
    Known Issue —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050900 —If an Assignment contains a link to an HTML Object in the Content Collect that contains images, and that HTML Object is edited, one or more images will only display a broken image icon.

  • SCORM Grade Notification not Localized in Notification Settings
    Known Issue —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050895 —The SCORM Grade Notification is not localized in Notification Settings, so it appears as internal code rather than something easy for Users to read.

  • Item Graded Notification Broken in Whats New Module
    Known Issue —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050892 —Graded Item Notifications do not appear in the What's New Module.

  • Student has In Progress Second Attempt for Assignment Configured for Single Attempt
    Known Issue —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050891 —A Student shows a second attempt as "In Progress", despite the Assignment being configured to only allow a Single Attempt.

  • Updated Release: Learn SaaS Production Environments: July 18, 2019 (v3700.5.0) Update (Continuous Delivery)
    Announcement —Jul 18, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050919 —An updated release version of 3700.5.0 for Learn SaaS (Continuous Delivery) will be applied to production on Thursday July 18, 2019

  • Nonstandard Date Format Breaks Limits in SIS Logs with some Language Packs
    Known Issue —Jul 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050135 —When not using the standard MM/DD/YYYY date format while searching SIS Logs in the GUI, some scope-limiting features do not work correctly with certain Language Packs.

  • LTI Tool Course Menu Links Are Unavailable in Mobile Apps
    Known Issue —Jul 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000049265