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Group's Name not Updating When Navigating to Next Attempt in Group Assignment
Known IssueJun 09, 2023
Article #: 000077695
—In Ultra, when clicking on the next/previous attempt in a group assignment, the group's name does not change, but it retains the name of the previous group.
The Add HTML Option Does not Work in Ultra Using Safari Browser
Known IssueJun 09, 2023
Article #: 000077700
—In Ultra view using the Safari browser, when instructors want to create documented content using the Add HTML option, no text box appears to add the HTML.
Deletion of Course Messages in one Course Causes Other Courses to be Auto-Archived
Known IssueJun 09, 2023
Article #: 000077171
—If a user is enroled in multiple courses, when they delete a message from one course this triggers recalculation of the unread count on the Ultra Base Navigation, this in turn leads to unrelated courses being deemed 'active,' and scheduled for unnecessary automatic archiving.
Announcement Email gives Invalid Link Preventing Users to Access an Announcement
Known IssueJun 09, 2023
Article #: 000077699
—When trying to open an announcement by clicking the link, the announcement does not open unless "announcement-list" is removed from the URL.
Blackboard Learn 3900.67 Release
Maintenance ReleaseJun 08, 2023
Article #: 000077603
—Blackboard Learn 3900.67.0 (June 8, 2023) update of Learn SaaS for Production environments.
SaaS Sizing and Scale Best Practices
Product DocumentationJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077687
—Best practices to follow for the most effective and efficient scaling of your Blackboard Learn SaaS environment.
Salesforce Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, June 10, 2023
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077698
—On Saturday, June 10, 2023, Salesforce will be conducting scheduled maintenance that will affect Behind the Blackboard.
Progress Tracking Option in the Course's Tool Panel does not Always Appear
Known IssueJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077679
—When accessing an Ultra course, the Progress Tracking option in the course's tool panel in the left is missing. 
LTI 1.3 Tools Should Not Be Listed as Hyperlinks Because Converting The Name to a URL is Invalid
Known IssueJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077678
—When a user clicks on the Tool Name of an LTI 1.3 Tool, a new window opens to a non- valid FQDN. 
In Ultra the Screen Reader is not Reading Questions on Test
Known IssueJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077670
—In Ultra the Screen Reader is not Reading Questions on Test.