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  • 2016 Theme Tabs and Modules Default Layout Page Column Configuration not Properly Aligned
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045772 —If 2016 theme is being used, Tabs and Modules /Tabs / Chevron Default Layout, column boxes are not aligned horizontally on one line.

  • Accessing View Evaluations for a Self/Peer Assessment Before Evaluations are Complete Breaks Student Evaluations
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045768 —If an Instructor attempts to view the evaluations before the evaluation has been completed, it results in a broken evaluation.

  • Student Overview for a Single Course Report is not Sorted by Date
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043347 —Student Overview for a single Course Report is not sorted by date.

  • Deleting Announcement Generates the Error Null Value in Column order_num Violates not-null Constraint
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045766 —When attempting to delete an Announcement, an error is generated that states: A database error occurred. ERROR: null value in column "order_num" violates not-null constraint Detail: Failing row contains (

  • A User with a Custom Role Without any Permissions can see Hidden Menus
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045765 —A User with a custom role without any permissions can see hidden menus in a Course.

  • Error Accessing Needs Grading in Grade Center Where Delegated Grading is Used
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045764 —When attempting to access the Needs Grading section of a Course as an Instructor, an error is displayed instead of seeing the Assignments that need grading. The error displayed is: An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator. For reference, the Error ID is xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Authentication Request Coming from Images in the VTBE Pointing to Another Clients Learn Instance
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045761 —Authentication pop-ups display when going to pages with links that contain images to another website. The pop-ups are displaying because the images are broken because the User is not logged in to the site that the image came from.

  • Learn SaaS Production Environments: April 28, 2017 (v3200.2.0) Update (Continuous Delivery)
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045839 —Blackboard is pleased to announce the availability of the v3200.2.0 (April 28, 2017) update of Learn SaaS (Continuous Delivery) for production environments. This update replaces the previous v3200.0.0 (March 31, 2017) release.

  • Default Course Properties not Retaining Settings After SaaS Upgrades
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000045770 —When an upgrade takes place on a SaaS environment settings are being reverted. Specifically, the settings related to default Course settings.

  • Viewing Multiple Attempts Always Shows First Attempt
    Known Issue —Apr 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043749 —When attempting to view a submission in the Grade Center for an Assignment that has multiple attempts, the User is always taken to the first attempt even if they selected a different attempt.