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  • Blackboard Learn Stores Users Credentials in the Browser
    Known Issue —Jun 26, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047003 —Blackboard Learn stores users credentials in the browser

  • Clickjacking: Respondus Requests to have CSP Frame Ancestors Removed
    Known Issue —Jun 23, 2017

    Article No. #: 000042959 —Incorrectly Wrapping CSP frame-ancestors List in Single Quotes Causes CSP Header Malfunction.

  • Course Archive/Restore Does not Preserve Attached Files Ordering
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046994 —After archiving then restoring a course, the files that were uploaded as content before a course archive are randomly re-ordered when restoring the course.

  • Error Loading Smart View for Group that has Instructor Enrolled
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046995 —When an instructor is enrolled in a group and there is a smart view for Needs Grading items in that group, loading the smart view will reseult in a popup error message.

  • Icons are Replaced with Letters After Importing a Bb Learn 2012 Theme
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000016580 —When the Bb Learn 2012 theme is downloaded, imported and used in the system, icons are displayed as letters instead of images. This occurs whether changes have been made to theme files or not.

  • Cannot Access Learn Ultra via Internet Explorer
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046996 —Can't access Learn in Internet Explorer after update 3200.4

  • Managing Themes on MAC OS X 10.12.5 (Sierra) using FireFox with Palette Winter and Slate the backgrounds of some buttons no longer display correctly, some icons no longer work, some drop shadows no longer appear, etc
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046997 —When changing Theme and Palettes on MacOSX Sierra using Firefox issues can be seen with the styling

  • Embedded Flash Videos Do Not Display in SaaS
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046998 —Embedded Flash Videos Do Not Display in SaaS

  • Instructors are not Listed in a Course Search if their Enrollment is made Unavailable
    Known Issue —Jun 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046989 —When an instructors enrollment in a course is made unavailable they are no longer listed in course search.

  • The Specified Object was Not Found - when Edit User After Deleting the Institutional Hierarchy
    Known Issue —Jun 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000046124 —The Error "The Specified Object was not Found" is displayed when trying to edit a user after adding a user to Institutional Hierarchy and then deleting the hierarchy.