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  • Learn SaaS Production Environments: December 5, 2019 (v3700.16.0) Update (Continuous Delivery)
    Maintenance Release —Dec 12, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051727

  • Archive Process Change for Learn in 2020
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Dec 12, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051496 —Blackboard Client Support is excited to announce a change in policy for providing batch archives and exports. This update will make use of Cloud storage options and remove the need for physical hard drives and shipping fees.

  • Grade Columns are not Visible after Grade Transfer in Grade Journey B2
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051488 —When using Grade Transfer in the Grade Journey B2, grade columns are not always visible.

  • Enterprise Survey Responses with no Points do not Display as Receiving 0 Points as Described in the Question Creation Page
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051487 —Enterprise Survey responses with no points do not display as receiving 0 points as described in the Question Creation Page.

  • Planned Maintenance/Outage for Mobile Apps
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051736 —The Blackboard app and Blackboard Instructor app will be unavailable starting December 16, 2019 at 10:30 PM EST (UTC -5) until December 17, 2019 at 3:30 AM EST (UTC -5) for a scheduled maintenance update. Please access Blackboard Learn in a web browser during this five-hour window.

  • Overall Average Attendance is Incorrectly Calculated in the Attendance Tool
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051486 —The Attendance Tool values are causing confusion.  It appears as if the tool cannot differentiate between points and percentage (the percentage mark displays by average attendance even when points number is displayed).  The indicator displays as if points are percentages even when points are selected.

  • Portfolio Assignments can Cause Quick and Unexpected Disk Usage on App Servers
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051485 —When setting up and using Portfolio Assignments, the attachment of the Portfolio by a Student and the submit makes both a folder and zip file at app path \apps\tomcat\temp\plugins\bb-portfolio. If the Instructor then downloads submissions, it makes a folder at a path like \apps\tomcat\temp\plugins\bb-grading\0b159c29-c526-4572-a2b1-575920adb622\. If the portfolio usage is frequent before it's cleaned, the app server can rapidly run out of space on disk.

  • Grade Center Information Bar Incorrectly Displays Zero Attempts Need Grading when Assignment is Excluded from Grade Center Calculations
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051483 —The Grade Information Bar in the Grade Center incorrectly displays '0 attempts need grading' when there are attempts that need grading. This behavior occurs when the "Include in Grade Center Calculations" setting is not checked.

  • New Activity Icon for Discussion Boards Only Appears in the Ultra Course Outline
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051481 —The "New Activity" icon appears in the Ultra course outline, but it does not appear in the Discussion section of the course.

  • Screen Reader Cannot Identify Instructors on the Courses Page
    Known Issue —Dec 11, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051480 —Users cannot use the screen reader to identify the Instructor name(s) for a course when viewing courses in Ultra Base Navigation. Users can tab to the class name and then to the Instructor(s) link(s), but the screen reader does not pick up or read the names.