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  • Error when Grading Group Attempt
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049733 —An error is displayed when attempting to grade a Group attempt for an Assignment.

  • Incorrect Translation in Spanish for Assignment Creation Option Equivalent of Disable Anonymous Grading
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000037960 —When using Spanish Language Pack to create an Assignment, the option "Disable Anonymous Grading" is translated incorrectly.

  • Associate Terms Function Fails on Chrome if Selecting All Items from Search
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049909 —When using Chrome, checking the 'Select X items from the search' option and using the Associate > Terms function fails to run.

  • Unable to Self Enroll via Firefox
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049912 —When using Firefox, Users are unable to browse the Course Catalog and Enroll in Self-Enroll Courses.

  • Institutional Hierarchy Association plus LTI Tool Placement can cause Course Menu Failure
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000048682 —Course's Table of Contents fails to load if the Course has a Hierarchy association, a LTI tool placement, and a duplicate row in mi_affiliate_content table.

  • Spaces in Filenames Displayed Incorrectly for Content Created from Google Drive
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049824 —Files uploaded to Ultra Courses from Google Drive have the spaces in their filenames replaced with %20.

  • LDP Installation on Production Servers
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049998

  • Students Unable to Download Annotated Assignment Submissions
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049935 —The option for Students to download annotated and graded (via BOX) Assignment submissions does not work.

  • Cumulative Update 1 for Blackboard Learn, 9.1 Q4 2018
    Announcement —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049944 —Blackboard is pleased to announce the availability of Cumulative Update 1 for the Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2018 Release

  • Wiki Attachments Link to CMS Location Instead of XID
    Known Issue —Dec 07, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049920 —When attaching files to a Wiki, the system outputs a CMS path link instead of an XID link.