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Pearson Building Block - Partner Cloud Migration Tool Deactivation
AnnouncementSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076933
Submitting Feature Requests to the Anthology Idea Exchange
AnnouncementSep 26, 2022
Article #: 000076921
Course Automatic Archive for SaaS Deployment
AnnouncementSep 21, 2022
Article #: 000054124
—This feature provides peace of mind for Administrators by automatically creating an Archive of any Course on a Learn SaaS site that has had User activity since the last time the process ran. These Archives are stored in the Content Collection, separate from Archives an Instructor might make, and are retained filelessly by the System for 30 days; after that, they are converted to full Learn Archives. The newest Archive of a Course is retained indefinitely, if it is not manually deleted. These Archives are counted against a Client’s storage for a site.
Localization in Blackboard Data Reporting and Help
AnnouncementAug 16, 2022
Article #: 000076806
—We are pleased to announce our localization release for Blackboard Data Reporting and associated pages in
TDM 2.0 Release
AnnouncementAug 03, 2022
Article #: 000076544
—With the scheduled release of TDM 2.0 for July 2022, some outstanding bugs will be addressed by the release. Please find information below about what TDM 2.0 is and what bugs will be addressed in TDM 2.0.
Jones & Bartlett Learning Partner Cloud Integration – Blackboard Learn 9.1
AnnouncementMay 25, 2022
Article #: 000052990
End of Support Announcement: Pearson MyLabPlus Building Block
AnnouncementMar 29, 2022
Article #: 000076421
—Pearson has ended support for MyLabPlus Building Block.
Important Information about Managed Hosted Deployments of Blackboard Learn
AnnouncementOct 21, 2021
Article #: 000075975
—Important Information about Managed Hosted Deployments of Blackboard Learn.
Cumulative Update 11 for Blackboard Learn, 9.1 Q4 2019
AnnouncementSep 30, 2021
Article #: 000075910
—Blackboard is pleased to announce the availability of Cumulative Update 11 for the Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2019 Release.
Adobe Creative Cloud Integration Now Available for Blackboard Learn
AnnouncementMay 28, 2021
Article #: 000074952
—The Adobe Creative Cloud Integration with Blackboard Learn was launched on October 22, 2020. Updated as of April 15, 2021, the enhanced Adobe Creative Cloud Integration with Single Sign-On is available to Learn clients with both Original and Ultra course experience. This requires additional configuration by the System Administrator.