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Ultra Experience – Accessibility
Product DocumentationJan 28, 2016
Article #: 000058645
—This article discusses accessibility within Collaborate with the Ultra experience.
Insufficient Contrast for Text Causes Accessibility Issues in the Learn 2016 Theme
Known IssueNov 23, 2020
Article #: 000060013
—In the Learn 2016 theme, text color for hover text is presented as #C372D2 on top of #333333, which does not meet color contrast guidelines for normal text. This makes the theme non-compliant with WCAG. The use of #C372D2 for text should be replaced with #E3B7EB instead, which is correctly used for keyboard selection workflows.
Ally Accessibility Report Reports a File Not Linked to Course
Known IssueMay 30, 2020
Article #: 000059426
—A file which is not in the course or linked within the course can appear in the course accessibility report.
User Cannot Exit Student Preview Mode after Navigating to Ally Accessibility Report within Course
Known IssueApr 23, 2020
Article #: 000059272
—When a user goes to the Ally Accessibility Report within a course and selects "Enter Student Preview", he/she cannot go back to the course page because the system navigation menu does not reappear. It is necessary to reload the system and the course in order to exit Student Preview mode.
Accessibility Issue with Learning Module TOC List Structure
Known IssueDec 29, 2017
Article #: 000063484
—HTML content that appears as a list needs to have list markup. Screen readers convey information about lists to the User such as how many items are in the list and whether or not the list is structured. Without proper markups, this can not take place.
Insufficient Course Menu Icon Contrast Causes Accessibility Issue
Known IssueJun 29, 2019
Article #: 000055867
—The Home and Collapse Icons in the Course Menu do not have enough contrast, this can cause Accessibility issues.
Accessibility Issues in Learning Module Table of Contents
Known IssueDec 21, 2017
Article #: 000063457
—The view Source page of Learning Module content is not displaying correctly, which could create accessibility issues.
Box Accessibility Issues
Known IssueOct 04, 2018
Article #: 000064983
—Box Accessibility issues.
Ultra Experience - Chat Accessibility Menu
Product DocumentationDec 15, 2016
Article #: 000071135
—Collaborate with the Ultra experience chat menu Accessibility features.
Single Line Spacing in Ultra Discussions is Difficult to Read and Can Cause Accessibility Issues
Known IssueJan 29, 2020
Article #: 000055185
—In Ultra content, the line spacing of the text is set to 1.5, which makes it easier for a user to read. In Ultra discussions, the line spacing is set to 1.0, which is cramped, and causes the letters on subsequent lines to touch.